Foreign Buyers Mostly Interested in Large Thai Condos?

A discussion on condo buying in Thailand and how nowadays, foreign buyers are able to buy larger condos further out of the city due to the highly improved mass transit system.

Condo Projects May "Flood the Market" in Thailand?

A quick talk on the Condo Market in Thailand in that there is an overabundance of unsold condos making it a buyer's market.

Landlord Mortgage Issues on Thai Condos?

A discussion on why it is always a good idea to carry out due diligence when looking to buy a Condo in Thailand.

Issues Buying a Condo from Outside Thailand

A discussion on buying a Condo in Thailand specifically what is required when the buyer is making a purchase from overseas.

Can I Buy Two Thai Condos and Put Them Together?

A talk on what needs to be considered if one wishes to purchase two condominium units and have them combined into one larger unit.

Can I Incorporate My Thai Company in My Condo?

A discussion and some insight regarding issues on buying a Condo in Thailand and using that condo for one's Company as well as one's home.

Thai Condo Ownership: Working from Home?

Some information and insight regarding continuing to use one's Condo as one's office as a continuation of the "Work from Home" policy that was implemented to help prevent the spread of Covid.

Thai Condo Maintenance Fees: Payment Timing?

A talk on the schedule for paying Common Area Fees for a Condo in Thailand and some issues that could arise if one delayed payment of those fees.

Will the 51-49 Percent Rule for Thai Condos Ever Change?

A talk on the Thai to Foreign ratio regarding ownership rights to Condos in Thailand and whether this ratio will change.