Thai Retirement Visas with Work Permit Coming Soon?

Some information on changes that are being proposed to Thai Retirement Visas namely the ability to have a work permit with the aim to attract more foreigners to Thailand.

Cambodia Immigration Update

Some information on Cambodia which is planning to re-open to tourists and the steps that are being looked in order to make it as easy as possible for travelers.

Could Foreigners Soon Buy Land in Thailand?

A discussion and some insight on whether it could actually be possible that foreigners will be able to purchase land in Thailand in the future.

Misconceptions Regarding Yellow House Books in Thailand

Some clarification regarding House Books (Tabian Baan) in Thailand specifically the purpose of the Yellow House Book.

Are There 100,000 Tourists Still "Stuck" in Thailand?

Some interesting information regarding the number of tourists in Thailand who are still unable to return home for various reasons.

Thai COVID Visa Extension: Presumption of Continuance Unwise

Some insight with regards to the extension for the COVID visa which should not be considered as automatic and cases will be adjudicated before extensions are given.

I-601 Waivers: Is the US Embassy in Bangkok Delaying Visa Approval?

An update on the visa process at the US Embassy in Bangkok and delays that may be noticed with the administrative process.

Does the Thai Visa Exemption Still Exist?

A quick update on visas for Thailand with a specific focus on whether Visa Exemption Stamps are still being used.

Corporate Addresses and VAT Registration in Thailand

A quick discussion on Corporate addresses and why it is important to have a suitable corporate address.

What If I Violate Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) Rules in Thailand?

Some insight and information regarding what the penalties could be if one were to commit any violations to the quarantine rules whilst under quarantine in Thailand.


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