Clarification Regarding Thai Property, Real Estate, Land, And Condos

A quick talk to provide some clarification regarding "property" in Thailand which can refer to land, condos, or other movable property of which land is property which cannot be owned by a foreigner.

"One Entry Visa" For Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, And Malaysia?

Another talk on the single visa scheme between Thailand and the neighboring countries proposed by the Thai Government as a means to boost tourism in the region.

Job Description And Work Permits In Thailand

A talk on working in Thailand for which nowadays, although the authorities carry out fewer spot checks than in the past, one must sill have the correct documentation.

Perfecting A Usufruct For Real Estate In Thailand?

A talk on the registration process for a Usufruct which must dealt with property in order to have the right to the use of a piece of property for one's life.

Thai Retirement Visas: How Long Must Bank Balances Remain?

Some clarification regarding the financial requirements for those holding a Thai Retirement Visa and the bank balance one has to maintain for the visa.

Thai And US Immigration: Expedited Removal And The 5 Year Blacklist

A comparison between Thai and US Immigration protocols regarding steps that will be taken if someone is apprehended for overstaying their visa.

"Impossible To Obtain A Thai Driving Licence" For Some Foreigners?

A talk on driving in Thailand as a foreigner for which a driver's license is required but not all foreigners will have the necessary visa to obtain one.

Thai Immigration Being More Proactive About Overstayers?

A discussion on Thai Immigration specifically pertaining to overstay in that Thai Immigration are now also apprehending overstayers as they are leaving the country which did not happen in the past.


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