Could the US Immigration System Soon Be Reformed?

A brief discussion on some reforms that could be occurring soon with the US Immigration System under the Biden Administration

Is a US Fiancé Or Marriage Visa "Better" Right Now?

Comparing and contrasting a K-1 Visa and a Marriage visa in the context of the best way to get a loved one into the USA at this time.

Is the End Of Quarantine in Thailand Drawing Near?

Some information on the possibility that Thailand may be approaching the end of the quarantine period quite soon.

Issues Dealing with the Thai Condominium Juristic Person

Some insight and suggestions on the best way to deal with any issues one may have with the Juristic Person in a Thai Condominium

Funeral Arrangements for Deceased Foreigners in Thailand

Some insight on what arrangements one could make to avoid any problems arising if one has retired and lives alone in Thailand and passes away.

Is Discussion Of Thai "Vaccine Passports" Becoming More Orwellian?

Some discussion and insight on the use of "vaccine passports" and whether suggestions that they be needed for day to day activities is actually necessary.

The Last Piece Of The Thai Visa Jigsaw Puzzle?

A quick discussion on the steps involved with getting in to Thailand during this COVID response period and the COVID Test that is required by everyone who wishes to enter Thailand

Is the New Thai E-Visa System User Friendly?

A brief discussion on E-Visa systems and whether they are actually convenient to the user with a focus on the New E-Visa system in Thailand

Thai Certificates Of Entry Are Not Successfully Faked

Some insight as to why it is not a good idea to try to fake a Certificate of Entry in order to come in to Thailand

Thai Retirement Visas: Insurance and Certificates of Entry

Some clarification regarding misconceptions about the two types of Insurance that are presently needed for Thai Retirement visas


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