Thai Retirement Visas: Update on Mixing Bank Balance and Income

Some clarification regarding the requirements associated with one's finances for Retirement Visas in Thailand.

Stop Calling Them "Laws"

A discussion on the recent crackdown following the Omicron outbreak and instructions that bars and restaurants must not break the "Law" when in fact it is not a law but an Emergency Decree.

K-1 Visas: What If We Don't Want to Get Married?

Some information on the K-1 Visa specifically regarding applying for the visa with no real intention of getting married.

Criminal Penalties for Engaging in Restricted Occupations in Thailand?

Some occupations in Thailand are restricted to foreigners and criminal penalties are inflicted on those who engage is such occupations.

US Visa Interview Appointments Increasingly Scarce?

A quick discussion on UV Visa interviews which have been slowed down due to backlogs which hopefully will soon get better.

"One Stop" Retirement Services in Thailand?

A talk regarding providing a "One Stop" service for those who wish to retire in Thailand and would prefer not to handle all the different processes themselves.

So That Was High Season?

A quick talk on the "High Season" which was short lived due to the suspension of the "Test and Go" scheme.

Are There Thai Immigrant Visas?

Some information in response to a recent query regarding whether Thailand has Immigrant Visas.

"Quality Tourists," Seriously?

A quick talk on Tourism and the number of tourists to Thailand which have drastically reduced over the past two years making the notion of "quality vs. quantity" rather odd.

Self Employment and Small Business Ownership in Thailand

Some insight into the concept of self-employment in Thailand which is not permitted and owning a small business in Thailand which is a different concept and permitted.


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