Will Thailand Go Through a "Zombie Apocalypse"?

Some insight with regards to tourism in Thailand and the hope that the situation is easing.

An End to Thai "COVID Visa" Extensions?

A talk on an article regarding Thai COVID visa extensions which indicate that these extensions may soon not be available.

Why Are Unelected Thai Bureaucrats Dictating Reopening Policy?

A discussion on countercurrents and pushback between the elected Government and the unelected sector with regards to the timing of reopening the capital.

Is a Step Down Quarantine Reduction Most Likely for Travel to Thailand?

Some information with regards to the possibility of reducing quarantine periods for vaccinated tourists coming to Thailand.

Do I Need to Pay Tax on Rental Income from My Thai Condo?

Some information regarding renting out a Thai Condo with regards to paying income tax which is in fact a requirement.

Are We Seeing the End of 90 Day Immigration Reporting in Thailand?

A discussion on new visas being proposed which will not require 90-day reporting and whether this will impact the 90-reporting requirement on some existing visas.

Does Thailand Actually Have a "Marriage Visa" Category?

Some information on the Visa for Marriage in Thailand which actually comes under the O Visa category.

Thailand's Economic "Sophie's Choice"

Some insight into the economy in Thailand and the dichotomy between the tourism and manufacturing economies.

American Bank Account Issues for Expats Living Abroad

Some insight with regards to onshore bank accounts for Americans who live overseas.

Do I Need a Work Permit to Rent Out My Thai Condo?

Some information with regards to foreigners who wish to rent out their condos in Thailand and if a Work Permit is required to do this.


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