"Plan To Tax Foreigners Resident In Thailand" from "January 1st"?

This video again goes into the changes made to the assessment of tax liability in Thailand and issues regarding the economy of Thailand which according to some sources is actually not so bad.

K-1 Visas: Why No Dual Purpose EAD And Advance Parole Travel Document?

This talk goes into the Employment Documentation Authorization for those holding a K-1 Visa which in the past also allowed for Advance Parole but nowadays is no longer the case.

Parameters Of The Destination Thailand Visa?

This talk is about Thai Immigration specifically details about the new Destination Thailand Visa and limitations regarding work whereby only remote work is permitted, not work carried out in Thailand.

CORRECTION & Will Thai Parliament Truly Scrutinize The "Digital Wallet"?

This is another discussion on the issue of the "Digital Wallet" scheme in Thailand which is presently going through debates in Parliament regarding the funding for the handout.

Work Permits And The Destination Thailand Visa?

This talk goes into Visas for Thailand for which the new visa, Destination Thailand Visa, which although does not allow the holder to work in Thailand, it is possible to work online or by phone with an overseas entity.

Anutin & Co. "Reserve The Right To Vote Against" Cannabis Relisting?

This talk is on the issue of Cannabis which certain factions of the Thai Government wish to relist as a narcotic about which the present Minister of Interior has expressed puzzlement.

WEF-Inspired Financial Totalitarianism Imposed Upon Thailand By Fiat?

This is another talk on the Digital Wallet scheme which the Thai PM seems intent on pushing through which will result in the Government having total surveillance on all bank transactions.

American Amity Treaty Companies In Thailand?

This talk is to give a brief review regarding setting up a company in Thailand specifically for Americans in that they can avail themselves of the US-Thai Amity Treaty.

The Thai Visa Application Process

This talk is to provide a quick summary of what to expect with regards to applying for a Visa for Thailand, whether from overseas or within the Kingdom.

Thai Police "Keeping A Close Watch On A Certain Group Of Influencers"?

This talk is on Thai Law Enforcement who are cracking down on influencers working illegally in Thailand which could also extend to working both without work authorization and in restricted occupations.


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