Doing Business In Thailand: The Importance of Accounting Services

Information about tax and regulatory compliance issues for those doing business in Thailand.

Thailand Corporate Tax Compliance: E-Filing Now Mandatory

E-filing of certain tax documentation in Thailand is fast becoming mandatory.

Formalities Associated with Invoicing and Accounting in Thailand

Information about the dynamics of invoicing in Thailand.

Online Tax Invoicing in Thailand

Recently, the topic of online generation of tax invoices in Thailand has been discussed.

New E-Commerce Taxes Proposed in Thailand

New tax regulations specifically pertaining to ecommerce have been proposed in Thailand.

Possible Changes to Head Office and Branch Office Tax Reporting Rules

The Thai revenue department may be modifying regulations with respect to tax filings and audited financial statements on head offices and branch offices in Thailand.

Is Increased VAT on Online Purchases Likely in the Future?

It seems likely that very shortly online purchases in Thailand will have increased amounts of Value Added Tax (VAT) assessed.

Issues Associated with Thai Social Security

The Social Security office in Thailand issues rules and regulations pertaining to collection of social security contributions. These rules can be very important especially for those of foreign nationality who own a business in Thailand.

Semi-Annual Audited Financial Statements For Companies in Thailand

Although a relatively recent requirement, companies in Thailand must file a semi-annual audited financial statement with respect to their business activities in Thailand.

Changes to Excise Tax Calculation in Thailand

Recently Thailand enacted changes to the methodology of calculating excise tax in the Kingdom