Thailand Condo Purchase and Foreign Capital Requirements

Information about how foreign nationals can purchase freehold title to condominiums in Thailand.

Buying a Thai Condominium

In Thailand, foreign nationals may take freehold title to a Condominium. However, there are certain prerequisites which must be met in order to meet the criteria of the Thai Condominium Act.

Real Estate Holding Companies in Thailand

Although possible to use for other types of real estate, holding companies for condominiums in Thailand are often of most use to foreign nationals.

What is a Thai House Registration Book (Tabien Baan)?

A Thai house registration book (or Tabien Baan) is a document which registers one's address in Thailand. It can be a very important document and in some cases a foreign national is eligible to receive one.

Issues with Buying an Off Plan Condominium in Thailand

There can be specific problems associated with purchasing an "off plan" condo in Thailand.

Condominium Transfer Fees in Thailand

Fees associated with conveyancing a condo in Thailand should be taken into consideration prior to purchase.

Using a Company to Buy a Condominium in Thailand

A corporate structure may be used to purchase a Thai condo, but there are issues associated with such structures.

Must Foreigners in a Thai Yellow House Book File TM30?

Foreigners, even those who own a condominium with freehold title, in Thailand need to file TM.30 regardless of possession of a yellow tabien baan (house book).

Thai 90 Day Reporting: What if I Have a Yellow House Book?

Do those listed in a yellow tabien baan (house book) need to file 90 day reports at Thai immigration?

Does Owning a Thai Condo Make TM30 Unnecessary?

Does ownership of a condominium in Thailand by a foreigner negate the need to file TM30 address notification forms?