Common Area Fee Issues in Thai Condominiums

Some suggestions regarding Thai Condos especially with regards to carrying out due diligence in order to ascertain the overall condition of the development before making a purchase.

How Many Condos Can I Own in Thailand?

Some information regarding purchasing of condos by foreigners in Thailand with a focus on the number of condos it is possible to own.

Cheap Condos in Thailand Are Relative Benefit for Foreigners?

A discussion on the condo market in Thailand which has some real bargains at the present time.

Should Thailand Amend the Condo Act to Remove the Foreign Quota?

A discussion on the Condominium Act in Thailand and whether amendments should be made to allow more foreign ownership in each development.

Are Thai Condos a Good Investment?

A quick discussion regarding what should be considered when making decisions to purchase a condo in Thailand in the context of making an investment.

Can I Do a "Condo Swap" in Thailand?

A discussion and some insight with regards to whether it would be possible for foreigners to "swap" condos in Thailand as opposed to selling and re-buying a new condo.

Banking Documentation for Foreigners in Thai Condo Sales

Some information on requirements under the Condominium Act in Thailand specifically with respect to funding which stipulate that funds used by foreigners to buy a Condominium must come from overseas.

Mention of Utilities in Thai Rental Agreements

Some information regarding rental agreements in Thailand specifically with regards to sections that refer to utility costs which should be scrutinized and clarified before signing the agreement.

Can I Buy a Thai Condo "Contract for Deed"?

A discussion on the concept of "Contract for Deed" in the context of a Thai Condo.

Update on Foreign Ownership Quotas for Thai Condos

Another update on foreign ownership in condominiums in Thailand and the Thai/Foreign ratio which remains unchanged.