Update on Thai Visas for Owners of Thai Condos

Some more information on Visas for foreigners who own condos or apartments in Thailand

Comparing Houses Versus Condos in Thailand

Some insight on the pros and cons of living in a house or in a Condo in Thailand

Condo Title and Marriage in Thailand

A brief explanation regarding owning a Thai Condo and subsequently marrying a Thai National with regards to maintaining ownership in the condo.

Maintenance Fees for Condos in Thailand

Some clarification on the need to pay maintenance fees (Common Area Fees) when owning a Condo on Thailand and information on what those fees pay for.

Thai Government Regulations for Condos

Some information on the rules and regulations that govern ownership of Thai Condos and the stipulation on the percentage of foreign ownership that is allowed by the Thai Condominium Act.

Issues Dealing with the Thai Condominium Juristic Person

Some insight and suggestions on the best way to deal with any issues one may have with the Juristic Person in a Thai Condominium

Commercial Condominiums in Thailand

A brief discussion on a commercial property development which a foreigner could own if it complied with the Thai Condominium Act regarding freehold title.

Thai Foreign Condo Market "Quiet at the Moment"?

A quick discussion on the Condo Market in Thailand which is presently a buyer's market for those who are interested in purchasing a condo in Thailand.

Could the 49% to 51% Thai Condo Ownership Ratio Soon Change?

A discussion on a recent article regarding the Thai Condo Act and some temporary changes that may be made to the Thai/foreign ratio for ownership of a Thai Condo.

Foreigners Looking to "Snap Up" Thai Condos?

A discussion on a recent news article which seems to indicate that condos in Thailand are a popular choice for foreigners who are looking for a second home.