The Property Market in Thailand Has Recovered Since 2022?

A talk on the Thai Property Market in the context of how it has a close relationship with the Thai Tourism Industry.

Can I Run a Thai Company Out of My Condo?

A discussion on setting up a company in a Thai Condo which may not always be possible due to tax certification.

Thai Condo Quotas Can Be Complex

A talk regarding the foreign quota which is applicable to foreigners who wish to purchase a condo in Thailand

Thai Condominium Leasing Issues for Foreigners?

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Banking Issues Associated with Thai Condo Purchase?

Some insight for foreign nationals who wish to buy a Condo in Thailand specifically focusing on the issue of bringing the funds into the country in order to make that purchase.

Inheritance of Condo Title in Thailand?

A discussion on the possibility of leaving a condo to relatives in a Will and the steps that will need to be taken to complete the inheritance process.

Thai Condos: Foreign vs Thai Quota?

A talk to answer a query regarding transfer of ownership of a Thai condo in the context transferring from foreigner to foreigner opposed to a foreigner transferring to a Thai national.

Condo Financing For Foreigners in Thailand?

A discussion regarding buying a condo in Thailand as a foreigner and what to be aware of regarding financing that purchases.