Ascertaining Qualifications of an Immigration and Nationality Attorney

Unfortunately, fake lawyers posing as genuine practitioners can cause serious issues.

Trump Travel Ban Partially Reinstated by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has partially re-instated certain element of Trump's so-called travel ban on incoming travelers to the USA of specific nationalities.

Tour Guide to Remain an Occupation Restricted to Thais in Thailand

The occupation of tour guide is to remain restricted to only Thai nationals in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Are Children Born in Thailand Automatically Thai Citizens?

Birth in the Kingdom of Thailand does not automatically confer Thai citizenship, but there are exceptions to this rule.

DNA Testing for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA)

A Consular Report of Birth Abroad transmits nationality from a US Citizen parent to that parent's child born abroad. In some cases, a DNA test is required to prove parentage.

Information Regarding Cancellation of a US Passport

Whether in the USA or abroad, there are circumstances in which an American citizen's passport can be cancelled or revoked.

Trump Administration Appears Likely to Increase Number of Immigration Jails

The new administration has reiterated a "tough on illegal immigration" theme. In recent weeks it appears as though policies will be implemented in line with this thinking

Officials in Thailand Exploring Integrated National ID Options

The Thai ID card is an important identity document in Thailand. Officials in Thailand are discussing further initiatives with respect to the Thai ID card.

Reported Increase in Number of US Citizenship Renunciations

The number of people renouncing their US Citizenship seems to be on the rise.

Renouncing United States Citizenship

The act of renouncing one's US Citizenship is complex and should not be undertaken lightly.