Usage of American LLC Corporate Structures for US Citizens Abroad

In some cases, an American LLC (Limited Liability Company) can be very useful for United States Citizens living and working abroad.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) And Doing Business in Thailand

When doing business in Thailand, or anywhere abroad, Americans and those working for American companies need to be mindful of the provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Thailand Company Set Up: Foreign Business Licensing Under the US Thai-Treaty of Amity

Information regarding corporate registration and certification under the American Amity Treaty in Thailand.

Comments on Recent Thai-US Trade Negotiations

Recently, Thai and American officials have conducted rather protracted trade negotiations.

"National Treatment" Issues Under the US-Thai Treaty of Amity

Under the provisions of the Treaty American certified companies are provided equal treatment as Thai companies in Thailand.

The US-Thai Treaty of Amity: A Refuge from the Trade War?

Information about the Treaty of Amity between Thailand and the USA and how it may benefit those trying to do business during the "Trade War".

US-China Trade War Intensifies in Southeast Asia

As he trade war continues, there have been ramifications in Southeast Asia.

What's the Minimum Capital for a Thai Amity Treaty Company?

Many people have misconceptions regarding the requirements for minimum capitalization of Thai companies certified under the US-Thai Treaty of Amity.

When Will the US-Thai Treaty of Amity End?

There is some confusion regarding the duration of the of the American-Thai Amity Treaty.

Thai Amity Treaty Companies: An Option for American Firms Leaving China?

Insights into the myriad benefits, including possible tax exemptions, of the US-Thai Treaty of Amity for American firms departing China.