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Does Owning a Thai Condo Make TM30 Unnecessary?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing TM30 yet again, only in this context we are specifically discussing it in the context of condominiums. 

Now what are we talking about here? I did another video on this channel where I specifically brought up "Does having a Yellow House Book negate the need to file for TM30?" And as noted in that video, "No, it does not", because the Civil Registration Act as amended in 1991 which created Yellow House books which generally came about as a result of a foreigner owning a condo in the Kingdom. The point being in that video was simply being in a Yellow House Book does not negate the need to file TM30. The same can be said for simply owning a condominium. Just because you are your own landlord, for lack of better term, does not mean that landlord ie. YOU, don’t need to file a TM30.  You do and in fact, it is rather more clear-cut when you own your own condominium that you in fact need to file your own TM30. 

So the thing to take away from this video is that "Yes, condominium ownership is a very good thing. It will streamline the processing of TM30 because you would presumably have your own documents that are associated with the filing of TM30. But yes there is still an affirmative duty on that landlord, ie. YOU, the owner, to file a TM30 on behalf of the tenant ie. YOU and therefore ownership of a condominium does not negate the need to file TM30.