Conduct Property Due Diligence BEFORE Paying a Deposit in Thailand

It is very prudent for those looking at buying property or real estate in Thailand to conduct due diligence before any funds change hands.

Issues with Buying an Off Plan Condominium in Thailand

There can be specific problems associated with purchasing an "off plan" condo in Thailand.

Lease Registration Fee for Property in the Kingdom of Thailand

There are registration costs associated with formalizing a leasehold in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Specific Business Tax on Real Estate Transactions in Thailand

There are taxes assessed on certain types of rental income in Thailand.

Condominium Transfer Fees in Thailand

Fees associated with conveyancing a condo in Thailand should be taken into consideration prior to purchase.

Duty Stamp for Real Estate Transactions in Thailand

There are specific duties related to various real estate transactions in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Developments Related to New Copyright Regime in Thailand

Authorities are creating institutions to combat copyright infringement and secure intellectual property protections in Thailand.

Thailand Real Estate and Property: What Is Key Money?

An often posed question, especially in the context of commercial space: what is key money?

Using a Company to Buy a Condominium in Thailand

A corporate structure may be used to purchase a Thai condo, but there are issues associated with such structures.

What is the Land Office in Thailand?

The Thai Land Department is tasked with recording land title deeds as well as long term leases and other real estate instruments in Thailand.