Can Foreigners Inherit Real Estate in Thailand?

As previously noted, it is virtually impossible for foreign nationals to own land in Thailand. However, the question of inheriting land through the Thai probate process is something of a different issue.

Can Thailand Amity Treaty Companies Own Thai Real Estate?

Thai Corporations certified under the US-Thai Treaty of Amity may circumvent the restrictions of the Foreign Business Act, but can they own real property (i.e. land) in Thailand?

Further Information Regarding the Eastern Economic Corridor in Thailand

The proposed EEC will likely lead to an influx of foreign investment in Thailand due to the myriad legal and tax benefits associated therewith.

Land Ownership Benefits For BOI Companies in Thailand

Board of Investment (BOI) Companies may be granted the ability to own land in Thailand.

Officials in Thailand Discussing Reform of Certain Laws

High level officials in Thailand have recently discussed legal reform.

Real Estate Holding Companies in Thailand

Although possible to use for other types of real estate, holding companies for condominiums in Thailand are often of most use to foreign nationals.

50 Year and 99 Year Leases May Soon Be Possible in Thailand

Recent announcements indicate that leases of a 50 or 99 year duration may soon be possible in Thailand.

Opening a Bank Account in Thailand

Although seemingly straightforward, opening a bank account in Thailand can prove difficult especially for those who do not have a long term Thai visa and/or work permit.

Can a Foreigner Own a House in Thailand?

Can a Farang (foreigner) own a house? Is a commonly asked question in Thailand. The answer, surprisingly for some is, strictly speaking: yes.

Probate Matters in Thailand: Wills and Estates

Having a proper Will drafted in Thailand is a good idea especially for those with Thai real estate interests.