Update Regarding Cryptocurrency and ICO Issues in Thailand

The laws regarding digital currency issues in Thailand are rapidly evolving.

New Law to Reform Rules Regarding Leases in Thailand

Recent legislation will change the nature of lease terms in Thailand.

Buying Real Estate in Thailand as a Foreigner

There are very different rules regarding real property matter for foreign nationals in Thailand.

Update Regarding Digital Currency Issues in Thailand

Further information regarding so-called cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings in Thailand.

Financial Institutions Encourage Investment in the Eastern Economic Corridor

Government and Financial Institutions seem keen to promote investment in the EEC.

Update Regarding the Legalities of Digital Currency in Thailand

There have been relatively recent developments regarding the law on digital (or crypto) currency in Thailand.

Thai DSI Raids Offices of Alleged Nominee Land Holding Companies

Authorities in Thailand appear keen to crack down on the use of corporations acting as land holding companies.

Is the Airbnb Model Legal in Thailand?

The space sharing AirBnb model of doing accommodation rentals has run into legal roadblocks in Thailand.

Thailand Trademark Certificates

Those with a registered trademark in Thailand will be issued a certificate certifying the the categorization and classification of the mark.

Bankruptcy in Thailand: Governing Law, Legal Procedure, and Courts

The laws and regulations governing bankruptcy in Thailand were relatively recently enacted and are complex.