What is the Function of a Property and Real Estate Lawyer in Thailand?

An explanation of duties, responsibilities, and functions of Real Estate and Property Lawyers in Thailand.

Issues Associated with Translation and Legalization of Documents in Thailand

There are a number of formalities associated with translation and legalization of documents in Thailand.

Thailand Property Law: Usufruct and Superfices

Information about the benefits of usufruct and superfices under Thai law.

Thailand Condo Purchase and Foreign Capital Requirements

Information about how foreign nationals can purchase freehold title to condominiums in Thailand.

Thailand's Eastern Special Economic Zone Act

The Eastern Economic Corridor has been a particularly high priority issue for lawmakers in recent months.

Thai Officials Considering Some Legal and Administrative Reforms

Officials in Thailand are considering reforms to the legal and administrative structures which could have significant future importance.

Issues Associated With Long Term Leases in Thailand

Leasing is one option for foreigners to enjoy property benefits in Thailand. However there are restrictions on just how long a lease can be enforceable.

Buying a Thai Condominium

In Thailand, foreign nationals may take freehold title to a Condominium. However, there are certain prerequisites which must be met in order to meet the criteria of the Thai Condominium Act.

Thailand Drivers' Licenses to Be Upgraded for ASEAN-Wide Usage

Driving licenses in Thailand are to be upgraded in order to be used throughout the Southeast Asia region.

Thai Mortgage, Lease, and Usufruct: The Importance of Registration

Registration of certain instruments pertaining to real property in Thailand is very important due to the formalistic nature of Thai law on the subject.