Is the Thai TM6 Arrival/Departure Card Gone Forever?

A discussion on the Arrival/Departure Card which is required to enter and exit Thailand but is being halted temporarily in order to make airport procedures less cumbersome for the moment..

Thai Retirement Visa "Jumble"?

Some clarification with regards to insurance requirements for the different types of Retirement Visas for Thailand, details of which can be rather confusing.

Are Thai Work Permits for Teachers Any Different?

A discussion on Work Permits in Thailand inasmuch as even though the format for all Work Permits is the same, different criteria apply to different professions.

Has Thai Immigration Discretion Increased Since 2014?

A discussion and some insight regarding Thai Immigration inasmuch as the system has evolved gradually over time and can not really be demarcated by a Coup.

Entry Rules for Vaccinated Travelers to Thailand

Some information on the entry process for those who are travelling to Thailand if they have been fully vaccinated.

Entry Rules for Unvaccinated Travelers to Thailand

Some new information regarding steps that should be taken for those who are planning to travel to Thailand if they are not vaccinated or only partially vaccinated.

Thailand Pass Ending Foretells Renewed Border Runs?

A discussion on Border Runs which may become possible now that the Thailand Pass is no longer a requirement.

Thailand Tales: Drunk Tourist Response

The fourteenth installment in the Thailand Tales Series focusing on Tourist Police who are being trained on how to cope with any drunk and disorderly tourists.

Will Thai Immigration Allow a 45 Day Exemption Stamp?

A quick discussion on the Visa Exemption Stamp for Thailand and whether the length will be extended from 30 to 45 days for a large group of countries.

Thai Permanent Residence Applications and Corporate Documentation?

A discussion on applying for Thai Permanent Residence and the difference between preparing documentation for those who are self employed compared to those who are employed by a corporation.