An Update on Thai Marriage Visa Scams

Further information about scams involving sham marriages for Thai immigration benefits.

Could Social Media Info be Used in a US Marriage Visa Application?

It seems increasingly likely that social media access will be an integral component of future US visa applications.

Thai Visa Applications in Penang: Further Update on Restrictions

The Royal Thai Consulate in Penang, Malaysia continues to limit the number and qualifications for Thai visa applications in that consular jurisdiction.

Minor Past Overstays May Bar Future Lawful Entries to Thailand

Overstay is becoming an increasingly problematic issue in terms of later admissibility to Thailand.

Are Criminal Background Checks Required in Thai Visa Applications ?

It is becoming increasingly common for Thai Immigration officials to request criminal background checks in visa applications.

Trump ใบสั่งจากผู้บริหารอาจส่งผลให้การดำเนินการยื่นขอวีซ่าช้าลง


Officials in Thailand Discussing Easing of Immigration Rules

There has been discussion among Thai immigration authorities to relax certain regulations related to foreigners staying in Thailand.

Update on Immigration Crackdowns in Thailand

The raids associated with "Operation Outlaw Foreigner" continue in Thailand.

Follow Up Regarding Credit Card Payments for K-1 Fiancée Visas

Further information regarding the use of credit cards to pay the USCIS filing fees.

Immigration Raids Continue in Thailand

The raids and crackdowns associated with the "Good Guys in Bad Guys Out" initiative and the "Operation Outlaw Foreigner" program continue.