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Update on Immigration Crackdowns in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title to this video suggests, we are going to be doing some updated information regarding recent crackdowns having to do with Immigration here in Thailand. This is almost becoming a weekly or bi-weekly thing that I have been doing but I do find this information to be of relevance for  folks because it provides further nuances to what are considered problem areas or problem issues by Immigration Authorities here in the Kingdom.

The title of this article coming from the Nation that is, the title of the article is 50 foreigners arrested in weekly crackdowns. So as I said this is becoming more routine thing it appears or at least until such time as it's felt that they have sort of dealt mostly with the problem. Quoting directly, "the Tourist Police joined forces with other police agencies to search 87 areas around the country on Friday night and arrested 50 foreigners, mostly for overstaying their visas and sneaking into the Kingdom without documents". As I noted in another video on this, I think the issue of sneaking into the Kingdom without documents is one that is considered to be something that Thai authorities really want to get on top of because those folks basically have not had any sort of oversight, adjudicatory or otherwise, by law enforcement authorities here in the Kingdom. I think it's not unfair to infer that folks entering without going through any type of immigration checkpoint, probably have intentions that are at the very least suspect so I don't think first of all it is not outside the bailiwick of Immigration Authorities but more importantly I don't think it is beyond reasonable to basically want to go ahead and find those folks and get them in the system or deport them, possibly because of undertaking nefarious activity.

The thing to take away from this video specifically is I really do think, I have said it before and I will say it again, Immigration here in Thailand is getting stricter, they are getting more serious about cracking down on immigration violations, visa violators, over stayers, prior people on the Blacklist as I have noted in another video. They are increasing their capabilities both technologically as well as in terms of manpower. In another video that I will be putting up around the same time that I am  putting up this video, I am discussing recent changes to the manpower associated with Immigration checkpoints at the airports but basically the thing to take away from this is, I don't think these crackdowns are going to let up. I think we're going to see more of them if anything, at least in the near-term and those who are not in lawful status and that are watching this video, get in lawful status, don't overstay; even minor overstays are causing folks problems these days. So the thing to take away from this video is that immigration is not something to just sort of ignore or if you ignore immigration regulations and the rules associated with visas here in Thailand, you are doing so at your own peril.