Why Do I Have to do 90 day Immigration Reports in Thailand?

Although something of a nuisance, those remaining in the Kingdom for more than 90 days on a non-immigrant visa must complete their 90 day report.

Update Regarding Thai Visas and Immigration

Further update regarding Thai Immigration matters.

Are the Immigration Crackdowns in Thailand Winding Down?

Although there was a lull in immigration enforcement activity, it now seems as though raids continue apace.

How Will the New USCIS Policy on RFEs Impact the K-1 Visa Process?

The recent changes to USCIS policy regarding denial of visa petitions without issuance of a request for evidence could have a substantial impact upon the processing of fiancee visa petitions and applications.

Will There Ever be a Single ASEAN Visa Framework?

Although not likely in the near future, it seems logical to infer that a single immigration scheme for all of ASEAN may one day be a reality.

Thai Retirement Visa: Will the US Embassy still Issue Income Affidavits?

Recent regulatory changes regarding verification of income letters at the British Embassy in Thailand point to the possibility that income affidavit issuance from the US Embassy may be discontinued in a retirement visa context.

Thai Marriage Visa: Will the US Embassy Still Issue Income Affidavits?

In light of recent announcements from the UK Embassy in Bangkok regarding the discontinuation of issuance of income certification letters it remains to be seen whether the American Embassy will continue issuing such documents into the foreseeable future.

Thai Embassy, Kuala Lumpur: New Online Visa Appointment System

The Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia appears poised to introduce an online appointment system.

For Illegal Foreigners in Thailand, "Big Joke" Is No Laughing Matter

Those staying illegally in Thailand are being targeted by the new Immigration Police Chief.

Overstaying Foreigners Should Leave Thailand Immediately

Due to recent proactive enforcement campaigns from Thai Immigration police it is advisable that foreigners overstaying in Thailand depart as soon as possible.