Schengen Area Access For Thai Passport Holders?

A talk on adding "clout" to the Thai Passport with more visa-free options specifically for Schengen countries, an idea which the new Thai Prime Minister has put to the French President.

Thai Airports Brace For Songkran Rush

A talk on travelling to Thailand especially during the Songkran season for which the airports are well prepared for the large influx of tourists that are expected.

Thailand's "Five Point Marketing Plan" For Tourism?

Some insight regarding the measures Thailand is taking in order to boost tourism which not only include an increase in visa free countries and visa exemption stamps but also a marketing plan for tourism.

Cambodia "Adopting A 'Dark' Visitor" Tourism Scheme?

A talk on Tourism in Cambodia which is using a different approach than Thailand in that Cambodia is also marketing the 'darker' scenes such as the Killing Fields.

Is A Unified ASEAN Visa A "Distant Dream"?

This discussion goes into whether a common visa policy between Thailand and some neigbouring countries would ever be possible as they have very diverse visa rules.

What Is "OverTourism" And Why The Narrative Shift In Thailand?

A talk on the Tourism Industry in Thailand which is recovering since COVID but which some Thai Authorities are now concerned may become "overtourism".

Thai Officials Want "Quality Tourists From Now On"?

This article goes into tourism in Thailand specifically that there are large numbers coming which the Government feels may result in "overtourism".

Should There Be Concerns Over Thai PM's "Phuket Model"?

This talk goes into the recent spate of law violations by foreigners in Phuket for which the Thai PM is looking into a plan to manage tourism and the security of people in Phuket.

"A Much Smoother Immigration Service" In Thailand?

This article goes into the Immigration system in different parts of Thailand and some personal reasoning on why there may be differences.