New Issues For Americans Banking In Thailand?

This is an article about banking in Thailand specifically for Americans as it pertains to electronic banking such as making transfers from mobile phones or receiving money via AMT deposits.

Proof Of Ability To Financially Support A K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa Holder?

This is a discussion regarding US Immigration in the context of a K-1 Fiancé Visa specifically regarding the need for evidence regarding financial support.

Affidavit Of Support Issues In CR-1 And IR-1 Visa Cases?

A talk on Affidavits of Support for US Immigrant Spouse Visas in the context of the present administration compared to the next administration which as yet is unknown.

Another Look At K-1 And K-3 Visas?

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"Waiting" To Apply For A K-1 Visa?

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"7.4 Million Cases" Of "Non-Detained" Illegal Aliens In The USA?

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Delayed Filing Of CR-1, IR-1, And K-3 Marriage Visa Applications?

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Foreign Spouses Of Americans Don't "Have The Right" To Live In The USA?

This talk is on US Immigration specifically regarding foreign spouses of American citizens, who in fact do not have automatic right to enter or live in the USA.

SCOTUS Makes Major Ruling Regarding Immigration, Consular Processing, And Reviewability?

This article talks about a recent decision made by the Supreme Court in the context of Non-reviewability issues as it pertains to decisions made by Consular Officers when denying visas.