Using A USCBP Immigration Checkpoint With A CR-1, IR-1, Or K-3 Visa?

A talk regarding the Immigration checkpoints at US airports and when arriving in the USA for the first time on a Spouse Visa, it is best to utilize the Permanent Resident Line.

What Line Should A K-1 Fiancée Visa Holder Use When Entering The USA?

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"All Illegal Immigrants" Get Work Authorization In The USA?

A talk on a recent article in ZeroHedge on the situation along the US Southern Border regarding the illegal immigrants compared to those who enter the USA legally.

Secondary Inspection Of CR-1, IR-1, And K-3 Visa Holders By USCBP?

A talk on entering the USA on a Spouse Visa whereby sometimes, that foreign national may be taken aside for their interview in order to avoid blocking the line which more often than not is nothing to worry about.

Prenuptial Agreement Timing And K-1 Visas?

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American Consular Services In Hat Yai, Songklha, Thailand

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Receipt Notice Issues In K-1 Visa Cases?

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