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Extending a Thai O Marriage Visa during a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai O Marriage Visas and the process of extending those visas especially during this Coronavirus epidemic that we are currently dealing with. 

In a recent article from the Phuket News, that is, the article is titled Phuket Immigration Confirms Baht 500 a Day Overstay Fines are Being Levied.  In a quotation from the Phuket Immigration Deputy Chief Lieutenant Colonel Udom Thongchin, quoting directly: "Lieutenant Colonel Udom also clarified the issue of people having to leave the country because their permit to stay will expire does not apply to foreigners renewing their one-year extensions to stay. These are being processed as usual he said." Quoting further:  "If people are just renewing their one-year permit to stay like they do every year, they do not have to leave the country while waiting for their renewal to be approved. Just as usual, these people are unaffected."

So for those who are interested in extending their Marriage Visa during this time unless we are under a hard lockdown and as of the time of this video we are not under a lockdown that is to lock people out of Immigration, we will presumably be looking at people extending their stay as usual protocols dictate.