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K3 Visa Processing from Thailand During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the K-3 Marriage Visa specifically the K-3 for those who are seeking to bring their Thai spouse to the United States and we are specifically discussing it in front of a backdrop of this Coronavirus outbreak. 

I have had many emails from folks wondering what is going on.  One thing to note and we have made a video specifically on this topic but, yes you can still file to bring your K-3 spouse to the United States. Notwithstanding the outbreak, the virus, they still are accepting filings and the processing times for these are such that by the time a case is filed now, would presumably process through under standard filing time frames. This problem that we are dealing with right now, these delays that we are dealing with right now due to Coronavirus, will likely have passed through the system and your case will process as, for lack of a better term, normal. It has been my experience that Department of State personnel as well as Department of Homeland Security personnel do go out of their way in trying to clear backlogs caused by situations like this and so in the aftermath of this Coronavirus crisis, I definitely could see cases processing through as they have in years past. 

Now, one thing I definitely see being a possible issue with respect to a K-3 case is due to the delays associated with this, we could see a higher number of what is called Administrative Closures associated with a K-3. For those who are unaware, the K-3 was created under the Life Act back in the 90s and the K-3 was created in order to provide an expedited visa for the spouses of American citizens because at that time, standard Immigrant Spouse Visas were processing in multi-year timeframes and it was felt that the spouses of American should processed through at a faster-pace especially in light of the fact that Fiancée Visas were processing through in a matter of months.

Now in a few years ago and by a few I mean about 10, which shows how long I have been out here, about 10 years ago, a program was initiated wherein K-3s could be Administratively Closed by the National Visa Center where the Immigrant Spouse Visa was as timely as the K-3 Visa was. Under circumstances involving the Coronavirus I can see factual circumstances arising wherein the K-3 case is moving as quickly at NVC as an Immigrant Spouse Visa case and NVC simply says "There is no need for this K-3. We are going to go ahead and just process the Immigrant Spouse Visa."  So specific to K-3s I think, Administrative Closure is a possible issue and finally specifically during the time this video is being made, we are currently under an Immigrant Visa Unit suspension of activity, so they are not doing interviews at the moment which means they are also not issuing visas at the moment as a practical matter. Yes, that is causing significant delays. However, those who are looking at this from the standpoint of wanting to get started on the process, that is not going to impact you. Those who are processing a K-3 currently this may have a substantial impact on you because interviews are not being held and therefore visas are not being issued.

We will do further updates on this on this channel as things progress.