The Gold "Fire Rises" In Thailand And Greater Asia?

This is a talk on the Gold Market which has seen price increases amid geopolitical tensions, with the price of Thai Gold reaching an all time high.

"Thailand Needs To Join BRICS"?

This talk goes into the issue of BRICS, who are looking at setting up a "railroad" system much like the SWIFT system, into which Thailand is looking into.

Tax Issues, Wills, And "Probate" In Thailand?

A talk regarding conveying property via Wills in Thailand specifically that in some cases, such as title transfer, payment of some tax may be necessary.

Do "Top Medical Leaders" Have Thailand's Best Interest At Heart?

This discussion goes into the issue of Cannabis in Thailand specifically the information given to the public via the media which does seem to have supporting data.

An Albatross Is Not "Stimulus"?

This talk goes further into the issue of the Digital Handout in Thailand which the Government insists is a stimulus even though the country will go into massive long-term debt.

Funding For "Digital Wallet" "At Risk" In Thailand?

Another discussion into the proposed "digital wallet" scheme in Thailand which will put the country into huge debt when it may not even be necessary.

"Rainbow Economy Had Tremendous Potential" For Thai Economy?

This is a discussion regarding the legalization of same-sex marriages in Thailand and the positive impact that the LGBTQ community has on the economy of Thailand.

Is This The Cannabis Policy Thailand Needs?

This talk discusses a recent incident in New York regarding Cannabis which shows the overuse of manpower on something which should not be such an issue.