Property Transfer Fees For Condos Transferred Pursuant To A Thai Will

This talk goes into fees when bequeathing a Condo in Thailand to another person whereby a fee is levied when the Condo is transferred.

Where's The "Economic Crisis" Warranting The "Digital Wallet"?

This article discusses the Thai Economy which has seen a growth spurt in the first quarter of 2024 which brings to question the need for the "digital handout".

Thais Nationwide "Petition To Keep Weed Legal"?

This talk is on Cannabis which the Government is looking into re-classifying as a narcotic which traders are against as a large number of Thais benefit from this herb in more than one capacity.

SPECIAL REPORT: Thai PM Under Constitutional Court Scrutiny But Not Suspended?

This article provides an update on the petition by a group of Senators against the PM regarding the recent appointment of a Minister with a prison record.

"A Grace Period For The Public To Adjust" To Thai Cannabis Law Changes?

This is an article on Cannabis which is being discussed by the Thai Government specifically as any changes will have negative ramifications in many sectors of the economy.

WTF Germany?

A discussion regarding the possession of child sexual abuse materials in Germany specifically that some changes will be made to the Criminal Code.

Thailand Has To Pony Up Over 120 Billion Baht For "Digital Wallet"?

This talk goes into the issue of the Digital Wallet scheme which former Bank Governors have stated is fiscally irresponsible which indicates this may not be a good move for Thailand.

Can Free People Ever Trust "The Medical Establishment" Again?

This is a talk regarding the Cannabis Industry in Thailand specifically that some medical experts are condemning Cannabis even though no data is given to support them.

Thailand's Tourism "Bonanza" During "The Green Season"?

A talk regarding the Thai Tourism Industry during the low season, specifically in Phuket, which has not seen the usual drop in visitors as experienced in the past.