Thai Work Permit Applications: Prohibition of False Documentation

Using false documentation to support a work permit application can have seriously detrimental consequences in Thailand.

Working in Thailand Without Authorization is Illegal

Those caught working in Thailand without employment authorization are subject to civil and criminal penalties as well as possible deportation and blacklisting.

A Brief Amnesty for Medical Marijuana Users in Thailand

It appears the new regulations on marijuana and other cannabis products provides some measure of clemency.

Criminal Prosecution in Thailand: Entrance of Pleading

Those accused of a crime in Thailand generally need to enter a plea in response to the charges.

Medical Cannabis Thailand: How Does Licensing Work?

Information about new legal regime pertaining to cannabis in Thailand.

Medical Marijuana Tourism in Thailand

Officials in Thailand attempt to encourage tourism to enjoy benefits of medical marijuana.

Thailand Police Crackdown on Nominee Shareholders

Royal Thai Police are increasingly active in ascertaining nominee shareholders in Thailand as such shareholders are illegal.

Thai Authorities Using Digital Tools Against Corporate Nominees

Regulators in Thailand are becoming increasingly sophisticated at ascertaining corporate nominees in Thailand.

Statutes of Limitation (Prescription) in Thailand

Information about the Thai statute of limitation (referred to as prescription in Thai law).

Thai Immigration Cracking Down on Begging and "Begpackers"

Thai Immigration authorities are serious about discouraging "begpacking" by foreigners.