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A Brief Amnesty for Medical Marijuana Users in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing marijuana or cannabis here the Kingdom of Thailand. 

There have been recent changes with respect to the rules pertaining to marijuana/cannabis in the Kingdom of Thailand and they came into effect with a Royal Decree which came out within about six weeks of making this video and that radically changed the landscape with respect to the way marijuana and marijuana products are treated here in the Kingdom.

That being stated, as part of that Act, there was a subsection with respect to a general amnesty for those who had previously been using cannabis products for medical purposes, and quoting directly from the Bangkok Post, that is, the headline FDA Sets Weed Report Deadline. Quoting directly, "Individuals and organizations who possess marijuana for medical purposes must notify the Food and Drug Administration before May 19th or face arrest. Those who use marijuana for medical purposes will not be punished for drug possession if they notify authorities to avoid prosecution. The FDA Secretary-general Tares Krassanairawiwong said on Monday.

That being stated, this is very important. As noted May 19th is the drop dead date with respect to that and failure to notify can result in subsequent criminal prosecution. I think it is probably a good idea for any foreigners watching this video to contact a Thai Attorney before disclosing anything to the Government as I don't know what the ramifications specifically would be for foreigners in the Kingdom in possession of marijuana. Yes, they might be covered under this amnesty but it could have Thai Immigration implications etc. and for that reason those who are watching this who are not of Thai nationality, it is probably going to need to seek some legal advice before undertaking anything that pertains to this amnesty.

That being stated, it does appear that Thailand is making strides forward with respect to the medical marijuana issue and we will keep you posted on this channel as things progress and as the enforcement apparatus evolves with respect to the marijuana and cannabis industry.