Thailand Takes Further Steps Toward Marijuana Legalization

Some more information on some more steps taken regarding Marijuana and Cannabis in Thailand

Labor Ministry Inspections for Thai Work Permit Applications

Some information on the Labour Ministry and inspections that they carry out on businesses specifically relating to Work Permits

Is Cannabis Thailand's New "Cash Crop"?

An update on Cannabis in Thailand and a quick reminder regarding ramifications that could occur if one is a foreigner and found to be in violation of narcotics rules and regulations

Work Permit Raids and Arrests in Thailand

Some information and a reminder that working in Thailand without a work permit is illegal and could result in serious consequences.

Filming People in Thailand Without Consent

Some insight into the legal ramifications that could occur if one is filming people in Thailand without their permission.

What Is the Definition of a "Free Consultation"?

Some insight into what should and should not be expected when asking for a "free consultation"

One More Reason to Avoid Thai Immigration Detention

Thai Immigration Detention is a place to avoid for more many reasons and one more reason now includes the possibility of being infected with COVID.

The "Fun Police" in Thailand?

A quick talk and some insight on the recent closures of entertainment venues which have again hit many provinces and the effect this could have on the economic side of things, especially for those venues.

Should Thai Lockdown Measures Be Re-Assessed Every 3 Days?

More talk about the lockdown measures in Thailand and the notion of whether the Government should consider reviewing the situation every 3 days.

COVID Spread in Thailand and the Concept of "Proximate Cause"

A discussion and insight on the meaning of "Proximate Cause" in relation to the difference between people who are innocent in the chain of COVID transmission and those who are aware of their status and knowingly spread it.