Thai Immigration Arresting Foreigners for Illegally Working

Immigration officials are becoming increasingly concerned about foreigners working illegally in Thailand and are making arrests accordingly.

The Issue of "Begpackers" in Thailand

The practice of "begpacking" or seeking street donations to fund a trip through Thailand has been noted by media outlets recently.

Thailand Cracking Down on Foreigners Working Illegally

It appears that officials in Thailand are increasingly concerned with those working illegally in Thailand.

Improved Thai Criminal Justice Database Comes Online

A new digital database for keeping tracking of criminal case progression has come online in Thailand.

Thai Authorities Using Digital Tools Against Corporate Nominees

Regulators in Thailand are becoming increasingly sophisticated at ascertaining corporate nominees in Thailand.

Serving a Thai Prison Sentence in Your Home Country

Foreign nationals from certain countries may be able to complete their prison sentence in their home country rather than Thailand.

Statutes of Limitation (Prescription) in Thailand

Information about the Thai statute of limitation (referred to as prescription in Thai law).

Statute of Limitations (Prescription) in Thailand After Judgement

Information about the doctrine of prescription (often referred to as the statute of limitations in common law jurisdictions) after court judgment in Thailand.

Thai Immigration Cracking Down on Begging and "Begpackers"

Thai Immigration authorities are serious about discouraging "begpacking" by foreigners.

Don't Do Things in Thailand You Wouldn't Do Back Home

Sometimes people do things in Thailand that could have a detrimental impact upon them in both a personal and criminal context.