Banking For Branch Offices In Thailand

A talk regarding having a branch office in Thailand specifically regarding Banking for which deposit protection may be possible as a branch office is not considered Non Resident.

Yes, There Are Limits To US-Thai Amity Treaty Benefits

A discussion on Americans or American entities doing business in Thailand which even though they are given national treatment, there are still some restrictions.

"Businesses Using Nominees" Under Audit In Thailand?

A talk on the strict scrutiny of foreign businesses in Thailand brought on by the recent 'beach bully' case which has resulted in 6 Government Agencies working together on this crackdown..

No Need For A Work Permit With Thai-American Amity Companies?

A discussion on the US-Thai Treaty of Amity which although does provide national treatment does not in fact exempt Americans from needing to have a Work Permit.

Are The Costs Of Having A Thai Company In Line With The Benefits

A look at the long term benefits one can look forward to when one sets up a company here in Thailand from the context of one's Immigration situation.

A New "Tax Waiver" In Thailand?

Some interesting information for those who are looking at arranging world class events in that Thailand has set in place various tax incentives and waivers for events held in Thailand with a budget of over 100 million Baht.

Should The Thai Foreign Business Act Be Amended?

A talk on the Foreign Business Act which some Parliamentarians have stated that some changes need to be made which would require a great deal of political capital.

Thai Government Targets "Nominees In International Trading Companies"?

A further talk on doing business in Thailand specifically regarding foreigners who are not only taking jobs that are reserved for Thais but are also using nominees which is illegal in Thailand and could result in dire consequences

More Than One Thai Amity Treaty Certificate?

A discussion on the Certification for a Thai Amity Treaty Company specifically regarding whether the original certification will be adequate if the business was expanded into a different area.

Thai Police Raids "Enforcing The Foreign Business Act"?

This is another talk on the heightened scrutiny, whereby authorities are looking into whether corporations are using nominees and fake documentation pertaining to Immigration.