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Thailand Immigration's Operation Zero Overstay

Transcript of the above video:

For those of you who have watched this video rather frequently, I am assuming that there are some of you that do, that is another video on this channel which specifically discusses a recently promulgated deadline with respect to those who are on over stay here in the Kingdom as of October 9th have sort of been given 30 days to get out because the Immigration Authorities sort of at the behest of those in higher positions of authority in the Kingdom are basically looking to go on a substantial and significant raid throughout the Kingdom to go ahead and round up over stayers and it would seem that October 9 was sort of the operative date and I think those who are not getting out by November 8th or 9th probably are going to have some significant troubles getting out of the Kingdom or may find themselves subject to a raid in the Kingdom but I what I thought was interesting is it would now appear that immigration has implemented a second or perhaps we might call it a third operation with specific interest in rounding up immigration violators here in the Kingdom.

In a recent article from the Nation,, the Articles headline is 97 Foreigners Held in Visa Crackdown Quoting directly, “Under Operation Zero Over Stay, police on Wednesday searched Nong Khai, Ubon Ratchathani, Mukdaharn, Nakorn Panom, Loey, Srisakes, Nakorn Rachasima, Surin, Buengkan, Kong Khaen, Udorn Tanee, Sakon Nakorn, Amnaj Charoen, Roi El, Makasarakan, Chaiyapum and Buriram. Those detained were mostly Indian, Laotian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, with 27 overstaying their visas and 43 entering illegally. 9 wworked without permission and 2 had not notified the authorities about their accommodation.

A couple of things to take away from this. Not working without authorization; big problem here. Notification of accommodation has become a major issue here in the past few weeks as it appears immigration authorities are getting more serious about cracking down on wanting to know where people actually stay, where they lay their head at night if they are living in the Kingdom.

Finally the thing to take away from this though is Operation Zero Overstay; this appears to be a new operation. I think it is probably the operational name for this undertaking to go ahead and sweep out the substantial number of over stayers according to the Authorities here in the Kingdom so I think it is probably safe to infer that we are probably going to see this name coming up in weeks to come in much the same way that in the past roughly 18 to 24 months we have heard the term Operation Outlaw Foreigner and Operation X-ray Outlaw Foreigner come about. I think Operations Zero Overstay is probably a term we are going to have to get used to in the coming months.