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Operation X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner Continues in Earnest

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing X-ray Outlaw Foreigner. That is the law enforcement program which has gone across the country and basically raided various establishments and venues in an effort to catch illegal entrants, illegal over stayers, foreigners violating the terms of their visas etc.; foreign criminals as well.

In an article from the Bangkok Post,, entitled Outlaw Raids Snare 319 Foreigners. Schools, Hangouts Targeted Nationwide. Quoting directly "A total of 319 foreigners were arrested for immigration offenses in the latest Outlaw Tourist raid which  targeted 337 locations across the country early yesterday morning; they also arrested 50 Thai Nationals on separate offenses. To date, a total of 2,273 people have been arrested during raids at 4,496 locations across the country. Authorities would continue the crackdown and pose stricter measures and search more locations in tourist provinces and border areas to boost overall safety for tourists. All the arrested foreigners will be put on the Police Blacklist and deported to their home countries Police Major General Surachate said".

Police General Surachate, for those who aren't watching this channel particularly, is also referred to colloquially as "Big Joke" and although his name may sound funny to those who are of Weston derivation, he is no laughing matter he; is no joke. He is very serious about enforcing immigration laws and he has put into place and implemented various programs that have done that. Thousands of people have been rounded up in some of these and have been blacklisted, deported. We have seen the overall immigration apparatus tighten up tremendously in terms of how visa applications are not only taken in but scrutinized, inspected etc. We have seen throughout the country sham marriages have been shown for what they are. Various educational institutions that turned out to simply be pretext for issuance of ED visas have been sort of overturned and resulted in folks being again blacklisted, deported.

This is not something to get overly concerned about. I mean if one is in lawful status and for lack of a better term driving the speed limit, and paying their taxes, it isn't something to worry about. But for those folks who are using unorthodox or even possibly extra-legal methodologies in maintaining status in the Kingdom, the time is now to seriously reconsider those actions, maybe even leave the country, get a proper visa and return. I said this right before the blacklisting rules changed some three, four years ago. Get out while there is still time. Get yourself back into status.

Big Joke has been appointed to the head of the immigration police. I think in that capacity we are only going to see more enforcement activities, more crackdowns more scrutiny. I am not saying that is good or bad. It is just what it is and I think it is a good idea for those who are looking to stay long time in the Kingdom to understand that the immigration apparatus here is very unlike it was even 5 years ago and looks more and more like a Western Country or Japan or Korea than I think any other jurisdiction in Southeast Asia.