Could "Refugee Influx" Impact Thai Immigration Policy?

A talk on the large number of refugees entering Thailand from Myanmar which could put additional pressure on the Thai Immigration system.

Can I Work On An Education Visa In Thailand?

A talk for those who wish to study and work in Thailand, while on an Education Visa which is not work authorized.

CLARIFICATION: Who Must File Thai Immigration's TM30 Form?

Some clarification regarding address reporting in Thailand specifically that the foreign national is responsible for filing the TM30 form.

"Another Tip-Off" Leads To Arrest Of 2 Overstaying Foreigners In Thailand?

Some information from a recent article that indicates that tip-offs are being passed on to Immigration Police regarding foreigners who could be on overstay in Thailand.

No "Bribe-Taking" Or "Lobbying" Regarding "Beach Bully" Visa Appeal?

This article further discusses the "beach bully" case which will go through an appeal even though his visa has been revoked.

Thai Ministries "Shocked" By Foreigners Working Illegally?

This is another talk on occupations in Thailand which are restricted from foreigners for which Thai Ministries are cracking down heavily on those in violation of this restriction.

Thai Yellow House Books And Immigration's TM30 Form?

This discussion goes into foreign nationals in Thailand who may be on a Yellow House book in that even in that regard they will be required to deal with your own TM30 form.

Thai Work Permits And B Visas Are Different For Teachers?

Obtaining a Business Visa in Thailand has rules and regulations that must be complied with and those rules are different for the Business Visa and work permit needed to teach in Thailand.

Police Raiding Foreigners "Illegally Operating Companies"?

The raid phenomenon on illegal businesses, foreigners working in restricted occupations and illegal land holdings is continuing in Thailand, especially in Phuket.

Thai Immigration's TM6 Form "Suspended" At Anutin's Behest?

A talk on travel into Thailand specifically regarding the Arrival/Departure card which was suspended for airport checkpoints and has now been suspended for all checkpoints.