The Most Important Case for Free Speech Online?

A talk on the issue of Social Media Moderation and Freedom of Speech.

The "Myth" of "Repatriation Loans" for Expats?

A discussion on a past belief that Embassies would lend money to expats to return to their home countries if they ran out of their own money.

Malaysian Residency Policy May Have Undermined Consumer Confidence?

A discussion to compare and contract the Malaysian Residency program which has been revamped with Visas for retirement in Thailand.

"Foreign Professionals" "A Thorny Issue" In Singapore?

A talk on rules applied to foreign nationals working in ASEAN countries and the issue of work authorization details of which will vary depending on each country.

"A Mini-Schengen" In ASEAN?

A talk on the Thai PM's idea of promoting the Thai Passport and also of promoting a Pan-ASEAN region whereby a visa for one country would also give access to other countries in the block.