Thai Gold Hitting All-Time Highs?

An update on the status of Gold in Thailand in that the price has been steadily climbing as has the cost of International Gold which is good news for gold bugs.

Isn't It "Ironic" That I Agree With Bangkok Post On Cannabis?

A talk on Cannabis regarding which it seems that people are now beginning to understand more regarding the practical ramifications regarding Cannabis which should maybe looked at in the same way as alcohol and regulated.

Will The Thai Land Code Be Amended To Target "Proxies"?

A talk on the Land Code in Thailand which states that foreigners cannot buy land in Thailand which although the Law itself will probably remain unchanged, regulations regarding enforcement of the Law could be tightened.

A Thai Casino Wouldn't "Create Any Economic Products"?

A discussion on Casinos which can in a way be compared to digital currency in that put simply, neither actually create any value.

Thanks To All And Happy Thai New Year!

An annual wish to all viewers and customers on the occasion of Thai New Year.

Smoke And Mirrors: Thailand's "Digital Wallet" And GDP?

A talk regarding the Digital Wallet scheme in Thailand which is scheduled for Q 4 and being touted as going to boost the GDP when in fact it is increasing the frequency of transactions with no new value created.

Thai Government Cutting Taxes On Property Transfer?

A talk on transfer fees for those who are considering buying property here in Thailand in that the Government is reducing the transfer fee and mortgage registration.

The Perils Of "El Cheapo" Wills In Thailand And Abroad?

A talk on drawing up a Will in Thailand specifically what one needs to beware of when choosing a firm to handle the matter, especially in a binational context.

Why Do I Care About The Thai "Digital Wallet"?

An opinion piece regarding the "Digital Wallet" scheme in Thailand for which similar schemes used in the West have already been proven to not work.