"Big Joke" Officially Charged With "Money Laundering"?

An update on "Big Joke" who was recently issued a summons to appear at Court but has now been issued with a warrant on charges of money laundering to which he still maintains his innocence.

Seriously, Foreign Tourists In Thailand, What Gives?

Another talk on the recent articles regardng foreigners who travel to Thailnad and behave badly which may have ramifications on the foreign community in general.

"Big Joke" Criticizes Procedural Issues In His Investigation?

This is another talk about "Big Joke" who is currently seemingly on suspension and presumably will go through an adjudicatory process.

"Death Knell" For "Big Joke's" "Future As A Policeman" In Thailand?

An update on some developments in the case of "Big Joke" which may be of interest for those who are curious about Thai Law Enforcement.

Top Thai Cop Seeks To "Prevent And Suppress Crimes By Foreigners"?

This talk goes into measures that the Thai Police are looking into in order to set measures aimed at preventing and suppressing crimes by Thai foreigners.

Thai Immigration Discovers Foreigner With Cocaine At Checkpoint?

This talk goes into a recent incident regarding a small amount of cocaine found on a foreigner which could be an honest mistake than an intentional act.

American Arrested By "Thai Anti-Human Trafficking Police"?

This is a talk on the arrest of a foreigner who is wanted in America for serious crimes for which Thailand has a unit dedicated specifically to such crimes.

ALERT: Major Paradigm Shift Regarding Foreigners Within Thai Law Enforcement

This is a talk regarding Thai Law Enforcement which is taking the issue of 'foreigners behaving badly' very seriously due to the multiple incidents that have occurred.