Heightened Surveillance of Foreigners in Thailand: Immigration Implications

Expanded programs to track foreign nationals in Thailand along with technological improvements will likely have ramifications in the Immigration sphere.

Is Medical Marijuana in Thailand Likely to Be Legalized Soon?

Will authorities in the Kingdom begin allowing medical marijuana to be used for experimental purposes?

Can Someone Be Arrested for Harboring an Illegal Alien in Thailand?

As recent Immigration raids in Thailand haev intensified, those found to be aiding and/or abetting illegal aliens have found themselves detained.

Authorities in Thailand Seek to Encourage More Law and Order

In recent weeks it is becoming increasingly clear that Thai criminal justice officers are expending time and resources on deterrence of crime.

If I have a Criminal Record will I be Denied Entry to Thailand?

Those with a criminal history may be refused entry to Thailand.

How 1 Day of Overstay Can Lead to 5 Years on the Thailand Blacklist

Being charged with a criminal offense while on even 1 day of overstay can lead to a 5 year ban on reentry to the Kingdom.

Extradition and Expedited Deportation from Thailand

Foreign criminals apprehended in Thailand may be extradited and deported in order to face charges in another jurisdiction.

Thailand Criminal Law: Extradition Issues Discussed

Issues regarding the interplay of general criminal law and extradition can be complex and difficult to understand in some circumstances.

Legalization of Medical Marijuana Appears Imminent in Thailand

It seems as though Thailand may have a legal medical cannabis regime in the foreseeable future.

Authorities in Thailand Pass Legislation for Medical Marijuana

he Legislative Assembly in Thailand has approved legislation to permit marijuana use for medical purposes in the Kingdom.