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Do I Need to Keep My Thai Work Permit With Me at all Times?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing these.  It is a work permit here in the Kingdom of Thailand. It authorizes the bearer to work in the Kingdom. Without one of these a foreigner cannot work in the Kingdom, unless specifically exempted under something like the Smart Visa categorization or associated with a Foreign Embassy, possibly BOI although they are really, really rare.

That being said, what happens if I don't have my work permit on me? Do I have to have my work permit with me all the time?  I get this question rather frequently and I was down at the Thai Labour Department the other day; I was assisting in another matter, and I decided to take some photos because they were some postings that were really relevant and I decided to go ahead and quote them here. We will also put them up so you can see them on this site but to quote directly here's the English translation of this posting as posted at the Labour Department Headquarters here in Bangkok.  "A foreign employee must at all times, keep his or her what permit either on his or her person or at his or her workplace." So there's your answer, posted at the Labour Department website.  You do not need to keep your work permit with you at all times or under certain circumstances a copy especially one showing the validity of the permit probably not a bad idea but it does need to remain at your workplace if it is not with you. 

So that is the thing to take away from this video.  You can keep it at your workplace so long as it can be produced if and when one is inspected and asked to produce it.  Now another thing to keep in mind, one’s workplace is considered to be the address of the workplace noted in the issued work permit. So that's another thing to keep in mind with respect to work permit issuance.  So if you're doing something associated with your work and you are away from your workplace, probably not a bad idea to go ahead and carry the work permit with you under those circumstances.