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What Happens if I Have Lost My Thai Work Permit?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing these.  Work Permits; Thai Work Permits to be specific. 

Those who wish to live and work in the Kingdom need both a Visa and a Work Permit. Work Permits provide work authorization for foreigners who are employed or undertake labor activities in the Kingdom of Thailand. 

The title of this video pertains to lost Work Permits. What does one do if one has lost their Work Permit? I was recently down at Thai Labor Department assisting clients in other matters pertaining to labor authorization and I noticed there were some postings throughout the office there and I decide to go ahead and take some photos and share those with the viewers of our channel here.  So we are going to go ahead and post this up.  You can see this but I will go ahead and read it as well.  "In case of a damaged or lost Work Permit, an application for its replacement must be submitted within 15 days." So there is a requirement that if one has lost their Work Permit they need to go ahead and ascertain that rather quickly and they need to apply for a replacement work permit within roughly a two-week period. 

So the thing to take away from this video - there is a protocol for replacing a Work Permit. It's not the most pleasant thing that one will do. But that being said, it is better to get it sorted out and get oneself back in proper labor status and move on with their life rather than having problems down the road associated with possible fines and penalties associated with not having replaced the permit in a timely manner.