Visa and Work Permit Benefits Under the BOI in Thailand

Certification by the Board of Investment in Thailand can result in substantial benefits with respect to immigration and foreign work authorization.

Secretarial Services for a Company Registered in Thailand

Companies registered in Thailand are often in need for secretarial or administrative services in order to keep up with the legal maintenance requirements in Thailand.

Is It Possible to Apply for a Thai Work Permit Online?

In the past, all matters pertaining to Thai work permit application had to be filed in paper form. Recently, some work permit applications, especially those associated with BOI companies, can be filed online.

Thailand Business Registration: The Representative Office

Representative Offices in Thailand can have significant benefits, but they are narrowly tailored for specific purposes and oftentimes proposed endeavors in Thailand do not comport with the restrictions placed on these entities.

Corporate Shareholder Requirements & Single Shareholder Thai Companies

In Thailand, a Thai limited company is currently required to have three shareholders, but this requirement may change if proposed revisions come into effect.

Thai Corporate Structures Benefiting Foreign Nationals

Certain types of corporate structures can provide significant benefits to those foreign nationals wishing to do business in Thailand.

Thailand Company Registration: Branch Office Setup

Registering a branch office in Thailand may be possible, but there may be pros and cons depending upon the circumstances of the situation.

Business Process Outsourcing in Thailand

Formany corporations wishing to do business in Thailand outsourcing certain aspects of the business process can be beneficial from both an efficiency and cost perspective.

Latest Updates Regarding BOI and Thailand 4.0

Further information regarding the implications and Board of Investment benefits of the Thailand 4.0 initiative.

Credit Cards and Mortgages in Thailand

For foreigners in Thailand, getting a credit card or mortgage can be difficult.