First Time Thai Work Permit Applicants Get Shorter Permit Duration

Those seeking work permits for the first time on a new company are likely to see the initial validity of the permit shortened compared to times past.

Thai Work Permit Rule Changes and Amity Treaty Companies

Aspects of the Thai work authorization process are changing with respect to companies owned by non-Thai nationals.

Thai Authorities Take Steps to Monitor and Deter Corporate Nominees

Officials in Thailand are applying increased scrutiny with respect of corporate nominee structures.

Thai Labor Department Officials Discuss Foreign Accountants

The Thai Ministry of Labor is currently dealing with relaxation of work permit rules for foreign accountants.

Changes to Business Registration Fees in Thailand

The regulations regarding fees necessary for certain aspects of corporate registration are changing.

Thailand Corporate Law: Non-Executive Directors

In Thailand, there can be corporate directors who lack executive authority.

Pros and Cons of Singular vs Multiple Corporate Directors in Thailand

Some companies require a board containing a more than one Director, while other companies do not need this many executives.

Authorities to Review Relaxation of Foreign Business Act in Thailand

Officials in Thailand are seriously deliberating over the provisions of the Thai Foreign Business Act.

Accident Prompts Examination of Corporate Nominees in Thailand

A very unfortunate accident has apparently resulted in authorities taking serious interest in Thai nominee corporate structures.

The American Amity Treaty and Foreign Business Laws in Thailand

The provisions of the US-Thai Treaty of Amity have a substantial impact upon various foreign business rules in Thailand.