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Update on Thai Immigration Enforcement Activity

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Immigration enforcement activity. Periodically, I like to go ahead and do a video and just give an overview of some stories I have seen in recent days and weeks on Immigration enforcement activity. 

A recent article I found from and they were quoting from and translating from The Daily News here in Thailand. That is That article was titled: Immigration get a Shock: Foreign Couple on Overstay Busted Making a Porn Movie in Krabi. Quoting directly: "Daily News reported that a hotel in Ao Nang, Krabi called Immigration after spotting that two of their guests were on overstay. Both admitted to making porn movies and sending them to an obscene website abroad for financial gain."  Quoting further: "They were charged with making porn movies for money and being on over stay of 256 days."  Those interested in that article there is more to that. We made a video specifically on the issue of pornography in Thailand but I urge those who are watching this video if you are interested in that story, in the details, go ahead and go over to for that. 

Moving forward, in a recent article from Bangkok Post, that is, the article is titled: Immigration Blitz Nets Scammer, Foreign Prostitutes. Quoting directly: "The Immigration Bureau on Thursday announced the arrest of suspects in three cases involving a romance scam, foreign national prostitutes and human trafficking."  I am not quoting directly here, but initially they arrested a Thai National who was facilitating certain ATM transactions and then quoting further: "Police traced the transactions to another Nigerian man called William who collected the money from the accounts. He was arrested in Chachoengsao and charged with fraud."

Quoting further: "In the second case, 17 female foreign nationals were rounded up at separate locations on Soi Nana in Bangkok. They face charges of solicitation and prostitution after plainclothes police posed as customers. They nabbed 9 Vietnamese, 7 Tanzanians and 1 Kenyan." Quoting further: "In the third case, police in Petchaburi apprehended a  Myanmar man and the Myanmar man, I am not going to quote directly on that one, it involved some human trafficking issues and that person was arrested and I am presuming either these folks have already been deported as of the time of this video or will be. 

In another article and I couldn't find it prior to making this video I just didn't have time to look it up directly, there was also an article in where they were talking again about the rest of that group of prostitutes and they noted in there that Biometrics assisted in not only the apprehension of those individuals but they also had all been deported and blacklisted and their Biometrics had been stored for further use. So that means again and I have gone over this in many videos in the past, Biometrics are playing an increasingly important part in the maintenance of security protocols within the Thai Immigration apparatus and for that reason it is pretty safe to presume that those individuals will probably never come back to Thailand or not come back to Thailand in the foreseeable future. 

In the past and it was not too far up long ago that this was the case, those who were deported it may be possible to get another passport, another name, and simply return to Thailand. With facial recognition and other biometric technologies that simply is not possible as it once was and we are seeing these folks being deported and generally speaking they are being deported for good. 

So the thing to take away from this video, as usual Immigration authorities are keen as ever to apprehend those who are violating Thai Law or who are violating Thai Immigration Law and it is clear to me that they are not discontinuing their efforts in this vein and we can probably look forward to continued efforts in the relatively near future.