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Mass Immigration Arrests Continue in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing, well the immigration raids, arrests and deportations that have been taking place here in Thailand. I like to do an update on this. I try to at least do one at least about once every six weeks just to kind of provide folks with an update overall on what's going on. Since the beginning of the year it appears that there have been a number of arrests associated with overstay, immigration violations etc. resulting in presumably deportations, and black listings. 

In a recent article from the Nation, nation The article is titled Another 500 Foreigners Bagged in Clampdown.  Quoting do, "Authorities rounded up 503 Foreigners for overstaying their  visas, illegally entering Thailand and other crimes during simultaneous searches at 217 locations around the country early Friday."  217 locations!  Something to take away from that alone.  Immigration is expending time and resources substantially to roundup foreigners in illegal status here in the Kingdom. Quoting further, "43 separate operations were in the clampdown, including Friday's, had resulted in the arrest of 6,971 foreigners!" 6,971 foreigners!  Now I don't know exactly if that is related to just January of 2019, how far back they're talking about, but I don't think they just pulled that number out of nowhere. It stands to reason that that number is the number of foreigners that have been arrested but within what time frame the article is not clear about.  

So the thing to take away from this video as the same to take away from any of these videos with respect to Immigration Crackdown is this.  Again they're expending substantial resources. They are expending substantial time and manpower in rounding up and deporting aliens who are in the Kingdom either illegally, overstaying, committing illegal activities etc. They are not messing around with this. So if you're on over stay by any substantial period of time, it is a good idea to rectify your situation, get out of the country, get a new visa, get back in.  But that being said, don't sit around Thailand expecting the system to just forget about you because in my opinion that is not going to happen and if anything I think arrest and deportation is inevitable, it's just a matter of when, it's not a matter of if.