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US Visas: "Documentarily Qualified" and Waiting at NVC

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the National Visa Center and the notion of being "documentarily qualified". In another video on our channel we got the following comment and it was talking about case processing and National Visa Center. The comment was: "Mine is documentarily qualified but still at NVC sleeping." It is kind of a rather offhand comment but I thought it was worth actually making a video about it because this can be a source of frustration for folks. 

They will get their case, they will deal with the CX system, get their documentation uploaded. It will enter into the system. It will get reviewed, it will enter into the system as documentarily qualified and then the case just sort of sits. Essentially they are waiting in line is basically what you are dealing with. We see this a lot in Thailand when we are dealing with the IR-1 or the CR-1 cases and we assist our clients in getting everything documentarily qualified and then they say "well when is going to be the interview?" Well we will be notified when the interview is and we are simply waiting in the queue for that interview to get set. 

They do this in tranches, they move the case from National Visa Center over in tranches to the various Embassies abroad. The Embassies have a certain case load they have to deal with and they only are able to schedule a certain number of interviews in any given time period. 

So yeah, it is a bit frustrating but once documentarily qualified there really isn't much to do other than wait and go ahead and see the case get set for interview and then take further steps to go ahead and get the documentation needed to undergo the interview and presumably get approved to get the Visa to the US.