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New Financial Support Rules for K-1 Visas from Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the K-1 Fiancée Visa; specifically recently announced or enacted I should say, changes to the guidelines associated with Public Charge Rules. 

The current Administration in the United States is taking a much harder line with respect to adjudicating whether or not somebody poses a risk of becoming what is called a public charge in the United States; notably somebody who is going to go on various types of means-tested benefits in the United States so-called, for lack of better term welfare if you will. The ramifications of this, well we haven't as of the time of this video, we have yet to actually see as a practical matter how this is going to be implemented. We do know that the guidelines they are going to be looking at are hard-and-fast rules, the brass tacks we are going to be looking at. They are going to want to see higher amounts of income on the part of the sponsor for the application for the K-1 Visa. They are also looking more deeply at whether or not the prospective immigrant in question poses a foreseeable chance of becoming a public charge. This creates a little bit more leeway with respect to matters pertaining to adjudication. You are looking at basically some more discretion being added into the mix. 

Now as a practical matter, I don't know exactly how these guidelines are going to impact cases that are processing through Embassies and Consulates outside the US. We know that these changes are going to have a dramatic impact upon how petitions are processed in the US, so cases where somebody is for example converting over from some sort of Non-immigrant Visa category into an Immigrant Visa category, there is going to be a different standard of reviewing documentation and evidence pertaining to whether or not that individual will be a public charge.  That being stated, how exactly these changes are going to impact folks abroad remains to be seen. We will make further updates on this channel as we deem it appropriate and as quickly as we can based on circumstantial evidence in cases and the overall process as it continues into the future subsequent to these enacted changes to the public charge rules.