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IRS Tax Transcripts & US Marriage Visas (CR-1, IR-1,K-3)

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing IRS tax transcripts specifically in the context of UD Marriage visa applications so we're talking CR-1 Visa, IR-1 Visas for spouses of American citizens. This may also pertain to spouses of lawful permanent residents in the United States but quite frankly most of the things we see coming through our office pertaining to spouses of American citizens.

I just want to go ahead and first of all these are 221 (g)'s. It is form that basically can be issued, we did another video on this channel. After an interview a Consular Officer may want to see more documentation before being willing to issue a Visa and here in Bangkok they issue one of these forms. It basically says "we want to see more evidence of something". We had some folks who have come in and been dealing with some stuff and we were helping them deal with their 221(g) matters but what I found interesting is, I am going to post this one up first; this is 2018 this is 2019 and as they say one of these things is not like the other. The 2008 form it actually says, I am going to go ahead and have the producer expand up on this part of the form, and these are redacted; the names of clients and everything have been taken out of all of this stuff. It used to say and this is one I pulled from the middle of the year in 2018 although I think this form would have said about the same thing going up until the end of 2018. It said, "copy most recent year's US tax forms or tax transcript." It used to say either or. US tax form or tax transcript. Now, as you can see, we will throw that up on the screen, "copy of most recent year's US tax transcript" not 1040 tax form. So they are not asking for the 1040 tax form anymore. They are not asking for copies of tax returns, they want to see tax transcripts. This can cause a little bit of delay and it is something that if you anticipated you can deal with it but if the rug is pulled out from underneath us as we are moving along, this is one of those things that can just cause a delay and you need to jump in order to deal with the issue. 

But basically the thing to take away from this video is moving forward they want to use IRS tax transcripts and generally speaking, individuals need to go ahead and request those from IRS and that can take a little bit of extra time. But again it is always kind of a good idea in my opinion because of the shifting sands of this kind of stuff, it is not a bad idea to go ahead and contact a legal professional who is well-versed in these matters to assist in the processing of issues such as these.