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Getting a K-1 Fiancée Visa for a Cambodian and an American Over 50

See transcript of the above video below:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing the K-1 fiancée visa specifically in the context of Cambodian cases with specific emphasis on marriage issues associated with those Americans over 50.

As you can see in another video on this channel, we discuss specifically some of the restrictions that are imposed upon Americans over 50 years of age when it comes to marrying a Khmer or a Cambodian National. But suffice it to say we will do a truncated version within this video of that video. Basically it is virtually impossible for an American to marry a Khmer or Cambodian national in Cambodia once the American has reached the age of 50. There are specific laws in Cambodia that preclude this practice although there may exemptions specifically in specific circumstances, and I mean very specific circumstances. As a practical matter and as a general rule those over 50 are not going to be able3 to marry a Cambodian fiancée within the jurisdiction of Cambodia. There may be ways in which to , for lack of a better term, circumvent this restriction by marrying in another jurisdiction but for purposes of marriage to an American citizen specifically by a Khmer national, it is  basically restricted if that American is over 50 years of age.

That being said, the K-1 fiancée visa may be a possibility for those who are in this circumstance. Basically the K-1 specifically is for fiancées, not for those who are married to American citizens so it may be possible to go ahead and process a K-1. That being said, it has proven to be my experience that in some cases processing those especially through the US embassy in Phnom Penh  can be a little tricky when compared to jurisdictions in the region; Thailand, Vietnam just as a for example.

That being said, it is probably a good idea for those who are over 50 who are looking into this issue with respect to prospective marriage to a Cambodia national and a fiancée visa associated therewith to go ahead and contact a legal professional because there really needs to be some analysis done on the specific circumstances of a given case in order to provide insight into how this is going to work and whether or not the K-1 is going to be the most optimal travel document to get a Cambodian national over to the United States for purposes of marriage to a US citizen.