US Investor Visas: Proving Legitimate Source of Funds

A brief discussion regarding the issue of providence of funds associated with American investment visas.

K-1 Visa Thailand: Do I Have to Marry My Thai Fiancee?

Information on the regulations regarding K-1 fiancee visas.

K-1 Visa Thailand: IMBRA and Multiple Filings

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act has ramifications upon the number of K-1 visa petitions which can be filed.

US Visa Thailand: I-601 Waivers for Fraud and Misrepresentation

Information about the I-601 waiver for fraud and misrepresentation.

K-4 Visa Thailand: The Derivative Visa for Children of K-3 Visa Holders

The K-4 visa is the visa category for children of the US K-3 Marriage Visa.

Immigration Options for Step-Children of Americans: K2, K4, and IR2 Visas

Derivative visas offer immigration options for the step children of US Citizens.

The I-407 and Surrendering a US Green Card

Those wishing to relinquish their US Lawful Permanent Residence (aka Green Card status) must undertake the filing of an I-407.

American Dual Intent Visas

Dual intent visas allow applicants to maintain both immigrant and non-immigrant intent when applying. This abrogates the need for analysis under 214(b)

US Visas and Immigration: What Is the I-551 Stamp?

The I-551 stamp provides temporary green card status for the first year of lawful presence in the USA following admission by USCBP.

Bitcoin Bill Could Pose Problems for Bitcoin Owners with USCBP

A recently discussed bill could create customs issues for those who own Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) traveling to the USA.