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Will Vaccine Passports Be Permanent Requirement for Entry to Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

A topic which has become pretty frequent on this channel is this notion of "Vaccine Passports" and it is because it is moving so quickly and it could be such an integral part of travel documentation to Thailand. As we have noted in prior videos, the Certificate of Entry has been a major travel document since March of 2020 so it has been a year now and it is a substantial component to being able to enter Thailand as of the time of this video. 

Now the purpose of this video is we are talking about Vaccine Passports. What do they have to do with Certificates of Entry? Well I am going to get into that. This is an article from, they are paraphrasing and translating and quoting from Bangkok Business News but Thai Visa's article is titled: Tourism Reopening: Four Phases on the Cards - No Quarantine at all From October, that is They get into these phases. They are going to be easing back on a lot of the travel restrictions for tourists looking to come to Thailand but I thought that this was an especially poignant excerpt from this article because it could have long ranging substantial impact on traveling to Thailand. Quoting directly: "Along with it, ("it" being these quarantine easing measures) will be an end to the Certificate of Entry document that will be replaced by Vaccine Certificates perhaps the so-called "Vaccine Passport". Which then begs the question, we have already done a video where we asked "are Certificates of Entry going to be permanent?” We have been dealing with them for a year. Now, they were promulgated as a result of the Emergency Decree so presumably once the Emergency Decree is lifted, in theory the Certificate of Entry could go away with it but again they could change certain regulations, certain laws and make it a permanent fixture. If they are to morph into a "vaccine passport" then the question becomes "is that to be a permanent fixture for travel to Thailand?" Again, it remains to be seen. As noted in the article itself, a lot of this is speculation. It all kind of remains up in the air. I mean presumably, especially once you hit a certain level of herd immunity, presumably from widespread vaccination or other factors coming into play, presumably the need for all this documentation would have extinguished; you wouldn't really need to prove this up because it is sort of a moot point.

Again difficult to say. I don't know exactly what they are going to be doing policy wise on this especially a year from now which is kind of the horizon on which we are talking about all this taking shape. That being said, we will keep you updated on this channel as the situation evolves.