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What Is the Maximum Fine for Visa Overstay in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing overstay here in the Kingdom. 

We have discussed this a lot in recent weeks and a question came up and frankly sometimes I "miss the trees for the forest" if you will because I am sometimes looking at the bigger picture and I forget that not everybody deals with Thai Immigration on a regular basis such as I do and for that reason they may not understand certain aspects of things like overstay for example. 

So somebody contacted us and said basically "What is the maximum fine for overstay? I have heard you say it is Bt.500 a day" but in this persons case they basically messaged me and said "You know I have seen a lot of your videos about how people will get caught on prolonged overstay like 1,000 days of overstay or 5,000 days of overstay. Are these people having to pay sometimes tens of thousands of US dollars to extricate themselves from Thailand?" The fact of the matter is NO. As the rules currently stand, it is 500 Baht per day but the fine maxes out at 20,000 Baht so that is the point of which there is a cap on the amount of the fine that will be levied.

That is not to say this should encourage people from over staying for a prolonged period of time in Thailand because "oh, you just pay Bt20,000 and I got to stay there for 10 years!" I strongly discourage that because Thailand is taking much more stringent measures with respect to blacklisting of foreigners who overstay in the Kingdom of Thailand as well as tracking down foreigners who are overstaying and those who are apprehended in the Kingdom in overstay will probably be detained prior to being deported from Thailand and I am here to tell you the Immigration Detention Center is not some place you particularly want to be in Thailand. It is not overly pleasant for a variety of reasons most notably most folks that have been in there have told me it is just insanely boring. 

That being stated, overstay is not something you want to do but just to clarify "yes it is 500 Baht per day of overstay but that amount caps out at 20,000 Baht per individual".